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Soil Testing

Farm/Commercial Testing Procedures:

  1.  Read instruction publication (link below),
  2. Complete soil sampling form (link below), and use USDA Web Soil Survey to obtain soil map
    • Once on the USDA Web Soil Survey page, click the green button "START WSS"
    • Then use the left navigation column and the mapping tools to define an "Area of Interest"
    • Once the AOI is outlined, click on the "Soil Map" tab at the top to view the soil types
    • To save or print: Click the button (upper right) "Printable Version"
  3. Obtain soil sampling box (see link to contact options to obtain),
  4. Collect composite sample as outlined in instruction publication
  5. Put soil sample in sampling box
  6. Mail form, soil box, and payment to Virginia Tech Soils Laboratory

Obtain Soil Sampling Boxes: Contact local Extension Office

Soil Sampling Equipment, Forms, and Information Available at All Shenandoah County Libraries:  click here

Soil samples are analyzed for specific soil nutrients to determine proper application rates of fertilizer and lime for optimum plant growth. Routine analysis includes soil pH, P, K, Ca, Mg, Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe, and B. Soluble Salts and Organic Matter tests are also available. Completed soil test results, along with a recommendation on fertilization and liming, are mailed to the client.  Sampling and mailing instructions are found on the sample boxes and forms, which should be sent directly to the lab with the soil sample and payment. Soil sample boxes and information sheets are available at your local Extension office.