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Hannah Copp

Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences, Foods, Nutrition & Health

Hi, my name is Hannah Copp! I have recently begun working as a Family and Consumer Sciences Associate Extension Agent with Virginia Cooperative Extension in Winchester, VA. My focus in my position is on food, nutrition, and health. I am a 2023 graduate of Bridgewater College, where I received a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Education. During my time at Bridgewater College, I completed a concentration in both Nutritional Science and Child Development. In my four years at Bridgewater College, I completed several education placements in various classrooms, a semester-long student teaching experience, was involved in several organizations on campus (Alpha Phi Omega, Family and Consumer Sciences Student Unit, and Educators Rising), and, in my final year, I received three senior awards: "Teacher Education Program Student Leadership Award”, “Health and Human Sciences Excellence in Academics”, and Family and Consumer Sciences Major of the Year”. I have loved the content of FCS since I took my first course in middle school. I have always had a passion for helping people and the field of FCS is ever-relevant in everyday life for every person. For those reasons, I decided to major in FCS and my four years of college lead me in and out of the classroom until I accepted my position with Cooperative Extension. In my spare time, I love to get outdoors, travel, explore, snuggle up with a good book, cook, and bake. I am looking forward to working within Extension and seeing how I can positively impact the communities I grew up so close to.