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The Frederick County office of Virginia Cooperative Extension is your local connection to Virginia's land-grant universities, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University.

Through educational programs based on research and developed with input from local stakeholders, we help the people of Frederick County improve their lives.

We provide education through programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Family and Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development, and Community Viability.

What's New

Drinking Water Testing Clinics

At a brief informational meeting, participants pick up a sample kit and get instructions on collecting a household water sample.  Participants collect a sample from their tap at home, complete a short questionnaire, and drop off their sample at the designated location and time.  About four weeks later, participants attend a follow-up meeting to get their confidential test results, an explanation of what the numbers mean, and information on how to handle any problems that are present.

The water testing covers 14 common contaminants, including Iron, Manganese, Sulfate, Hardness, Sodium, Copper, Nitrate, Arsenic, Fluoride, pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Coliform Bacteria, E. Coli Bacteria, and Lead.  The cost for the sample analysis is $50, which is due with pre-registration before the kick-off meeting where participants receive their sample kit. 

To register by mail, complete the attached pre-registration form and send to the Virginia Cooperative Extension Frederick County Office along with your analysis fee(s).

To register on-line, with a Credit/Debit Card, select the link below that applies to the county meeting you wish to attend:

For Clarke County Clinic – July 9th              https://register.ext.vt.edu/portal/events/reg/participantTypeSelection.do?method=load&entityId=111644  

For Frederick County Clinic – July 17th      https://register.ext.vt.edu/portal/events/reg/participantTypeSelection.do?method=load&entityId=111780  

For Page County Clinic – July 17                https://register.ext.vt.edu/portal/events/reg/participantTypeSelection.do?method=load&entityId=111816

For Shenandoah County Clinic – July 9th  https://register.ext.vt.edu/portal/events/reg/participantTypeSelection.do?method=load&entityId=111816

For Warren County Clinic – July 10           https://register.ext.vt.edu/portal/events/reg/participantTypeSelection.do?method=load&entityId=111852

For more information about the Drinking Water Clinics, call your local office of Virginia Cooperative Extension at the number below or review the flyer attached to this email.

VCE‐Clarke County . . . . . . .  540‐955‐5164

VCE‐Frederick County  . . . .  540‐665‐5699

VCE‐Page County . . . . . . . .  540‐778‐5794

VCE‐Shenandoah County. .   540‐459‐6140

VCE‐Warren County  . . . . .   540‐635‐4549

*If you are a person with a disability and desire any assistive devices, services, or other accommodations to participate in this activity, please contact Mark Sutphin by calling 540.665.5699 to discuss accommodations at least 5 days prior to the event *TDD number is (800)828-1120.

Please share this information with anyone you think might be interested.  Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Karen Lynn Poff, MPS, AFC

Senior Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences, Family Financial Management

House in Warren County, Serving the Northern Shenandoah Valley

Mark Sutphin

Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Horticulture

Housed in Frederick County, Serving the Northern Shenandoah Valley

Corey Childs

Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Animal Science

Housed in Warren County, Serving the Northern Shenandoah Valley

Bobby Clark

Senior Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Crops and Soil Science

Housed in Shenandoah County, Serving the Northern Shenandoah Valley

Rebecca Davis

Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences, Food, Nutrition, and Health

Housed in Frederick County, Serving the Northern Shenandoah Valley

A potentially very serious pest of grapes, peaches, hops, and a variety of other crops, the spotted lanternfly (SLF), Lycorma delicatula, was detected in Frederick County, Virginia, on Jan. 10, 2018.

It is important to look for it and report any finds.

Spotted lanternfly has also been reported on a range of ornamentals around the home and in the landscape.


2018 VCE Northern Shenandoah Valley Survey

The purpose of this survey is to gather information about community issues and to identify needs in Clarke, Frederick, Page, Shenandoah, and Warren Counties.  Please take a couple of minutes to share your opinions and observations.  The results of this survey will help in shaping Virginia Cooperative Extension programs in the Northern Shenandoah Valley (Clarke, Frederick, Page, Shenandoah, and Warren Counties). 


    Managers of food service operations such as hotels, restaurants, schools, nursing homes, child care centers, hospitals, caterers, and clubs are encouraged to complete the two-day ServSafe Manager's Training, which is a nationally accredited food safety certification program developed by the National Restaurant Association.

  Virginia Cooperative Extension-Frederick County Office is offering a two-day ServSafe Manager's class August 1 & 6, 2018 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at MidAtlantic Farm Credit Conference Center, 125 Prosperity Dr., Winchester, VA. The registration fee is $150 per individual, if received by July 27th; groups of 10 or more pay a reduced rate. Contact Rebecca Davis, Extension Agent, for additional information (540/665-5699; rdavis@vt.edu). 


Kids Camp

Frederick-Page 4-H Summer Camp:  July 1-5, 2018

                        Ages:  9-13 as of September 30, 2018

                        Cost:  $235 per person

Frederick – Page 4-H Summer Camp will take place July 1-5 at the Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center in Front Royal, VA.  The camp is for youth ages 9-13, as of September 30, 2018. The cost of camp this year is $235. (Full and partial scholarships are available as long as funding lasts; awarded on a first come, first serve basis.)

Completed, signed Registration forms and payment are due to the Extension Office before Friday, June 1.   For additional information, please contact the Virginia Cooperative Extension Frederick County Office at (540) 665-5699.

Don’t delay!  Sign up today….(click here for a camp registration packet)