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Plant Disease Identification

Farm/Commercial Testing Procedures:

Include photos that depict up close shots of the diseased leaf, stem, needle, trunk but ALSO provide photos of the whole plant/tree and also a more distant photo to show whole plant/tree in the landscape

Sample should include 6-inch to 18-inch portion of the impacted plant, be sure to provide the region where tissue/leaves are transitioning from live to dead/dying. A completely dead leaf or stem is not a sufficient sample.

The Plant Disease Clinic provides plant disease diagnostic services to Virginia Cooperative Extension agents. Plant samples with problems caused by pathogens, including fungi, bacteria, viruses, and nematodes, in addition to plant samples with environmental or other abiotic problems may be submitted to the Plant Disease Clinic.  Diagnosis is provided for any type of plant. Other services provided by the Plant Disease Clinic include mushroom identification and identification of non-weedy plants.  Digital photos can also be identified. 

The Plant Disease Clinic is a member of the National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN) within the region of the Southern Plant Diagnostic Network. The mission of the NPDN is to enhance national agricultural security by quickly detecting introduced pests and pathogens.  Many plant diseases can be identified and recommendations provided by your local Extension office.