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Add Value to Your Cattle Through Pinkeye Control 

It is the time is year when we all get busy and things that need to get done start to pile together.  Some of you have already begun to implement your pinkeye control protocols while others are waiting for a later date, but if you have not planned to do it you may be losing money.  Thank you to everyone who was able to join our recent meeting titled “Preparing for Pinkeye Season” presented in collaboration with Dr. Tom Massey.  We plan to make a recording of that talk as soon as possible.  According to Dr. Massey, “Pinkeye cost over $150,000,000 to cattlemen each year in sales and performance losses according to industry analyst”.  As many of you can attest, it is a real problem for some producers.

Pinkeye, or infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (IBK), is a painful eye disease that is common in cattle throughout the world. The economic impact of IBK in the cattle industry results from a loss in production due to increased medical treatment costs and injury from extra handling, reduced weight gain, decreased milk production and devaluation of sale animals due to eye disfigurement.

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Are you losing “Dollars” before the calves leave the farm?  Article




Horse lovers and enthusiasts. Here are two whole selections of publications on horse facilities that may interest you.…/equine/facilities-and-technology

Equine Forage Series

Horse pasture management topics will be discussed. These webinars will provide participants with a foundation of knowledge. They can build on this knowledge by attending more webinars in the series. Talks will be held online each Thursday between May 7th and June 18th.

Topics include:
Horse Pasture Basics (May 7th)
The Soil in Your Pasture (May 14th)
Horse Pasture Weeds (May 21st)
Horse Grazing Management (May 28th)
Pasture Renovation (June 4th)
Pasture Establishment (June 11th)
Grasses & Legumes for Horse Pastures (June 18th)

Participants must register in advance (but only have to do so once):

For more information please contact Corey Childs

Farm Business Management Update

A new AAEC report, "Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on U.S. and Virginia Farms and Agribusinesses: May 2020". The report covers topics ranging from an overarching economic outlook to disruptions in the food supply chain, aquaculture, U.S.-China trade, grain markets, and agricultural policy. Along with other COVID-19 related resources published so far by our department's members, it is available at the following link: